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"I just wanted to tell you how I discovered your EXQUISITE coffee's. I was at Highland hospital in Rochester, as my mother was having CANCER surgery. I lived in that little coffee shop. The ladies there were so kind and caring. I fell in love with several of your coffee's. I had to have it everyday if not twice a day. The taste is impeccable. I had bought a bag of rainforest crunch there at the hospital. I shared it with my friends and co-workers after returning home. They all want to buy some too. Thank you for many flavors and great tasting coffee's. I am a fan and a new customer. I love the charity's also. I love helping animals and I am sure I will be getting that coffee soon. Thank you once again. I can not wait to get my new order. May God Bless You and Yours."
Kathy Jo Searfoss - Beaver Dams, NY
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Featured Product

Pirate's Blend
Pirate's Blend

  • Our competition winner for Highland Hospital.  This coffee won a competition against our largest competitor of specialty coffee in Upstate NY area.  "How about them apples"
  • Captain Jack's treasured coffee
  • Our newest blend of coffee
  • Combines a medium roasted single origin of coffee with a dark roasted single origin of coffee.
  • yoo.ho.yoo.ho....a cup of coffee for me!!    NONE FOR YOU!!
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Business Statement

Business Statement

Evening Star Coffee Roasters is committed to providing the freshest, most exceptional Arabica coffee beans from the world’s finest coffee-producing countries.  We pride ourselves on hand selecting these green coffee beans as thousands are available at a variety of quality levels. 
We use a unique style of roasting to fully enhance the distinctive qualities of each specialty coffee bean.  Our roasting profiles, combined with our unique small batch, and hands-on roasting technique, guarantees an even roast every time.  This brings the coffee bean's unique flavor and aroma characteristics out of the bean and into your favorite cup.
Evening Star Coffee Roasters strongly supports environmentally friendly activities in our local communities.  We feel it is our global responsibility to demonstrate green-friendly thinking in every aspect of our business.  This is demonstrated in our packaging, facility design, roasting equipment, roasting air purification system, and vehicles used for deliveries.  Our goal is to create awareness and promote responsible actions on the part of everyone that lives on this wonderful planet.
Charity Coffee
Evening Star Coffee Roasters proudly created four charity coffees specifically roasted and packaged to support the life changing work of five wonderful charities.  These charities make a difference in the lives of people and pets in the communities we serve. Our hope is that our example will inspire others to make a difference in their communities, thus having a positive impact on the world.  To learn more, visit our business partner section of this website in the history tab.

We make it our commitment to change the world, one cup at a time.  

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