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Meet the Roaster & Owner Jody Wolfanger

Meet the Roaster & Owner Jody Wolfanger

Thoughts-  What I pride most about the business is the fact that all of our new business is strictly referrals.  I feel this is a testament to the level of service and quality we provide our customer base. 

Comment on roasting-Roasting coffee is an art-form requiring skill, dedication, and attention to detail.   I personally dedicate my time to perfecting roasts weekly for Evening Star Coffee Roasters.  This gives me the confidence that the quality of our coffee will be exceptional.

Comments on charity- When you have an opportunity to donate to charity never turn the opportunity down.  Here at Evening Star Coffee Roasters we support any and all local charities in a manner we feel appropriate when asked to participate.  We also search out new charities to see what we can do to help.   I always feel it comes back to us in a positive way ten-fold.

Thoughts on prayer-  As odd as it may sound.....I pray over every batch of coffee.  I ask for direction and leadership from above to make amazing coffee.  My prayers are always answered.


Our Inspiration for Evening Star Coffee Roasters

Our Inspiration for Evening Star Coffee Roasters

The Evening Star Coffee Roasters name was inspired by a wonderful stray cat named "Star." One cold winter day in 2001, “Star" showed up on my porch hungry and cold so I fed him and invited him into my home. It took a few days to earn his trust, but soon after he took ownership of my home. After a few weeks of calling him “buddy”, I decided he needed a name of his own. Deciding on a name was difficult until the day he laid on his back and stretched out from head to toe while he looked up at the sky in wonder. It was almost as if he was reaching for the stars. Immediately after he did this I named him "Star." He became a loved member of the family until his passing in April of 2006. He is our inspiration for the business name.

Standing Out From The Competition

Standing Out From The Competition

What makes us stand out from the competition?
The Coffee!

Evening Star Coffee Roasters chooses to keep a limited product offering in an effort to put our energy into to perfection.  We concentrate on purchasing the highest quality green coffees worldwide, and combine that with successful small-batch roasting.  That's our formula for success.  We maintain control over our coffee by testing each and every roast we complete.  Only when we are 100% satisfied with the result the coffee gets packaged.   This consistent testing gives us sustained control over our coffee quality. 

We find that many competitors who carry thousands of café supplies in addition to coffee beans are unable to control quality and maintain the highest quality standards.  They simply don’t have enough time in a day or week to do so.  The result is a lower quality coffee that gets produced, packaged, and consumed.  Our limited product offerings allow us to focus our time on purchasing and creating the most amazing roasted coffee.

We stand by our motto, “We roast to perfection when the order is placed.”  We are confident you will taste the difference with Evening Star Coffee Roasters as your coffee Artisan.  We invite you to see, and taste, the difference!

My Family

My Family

President/CEO & Roastmaster
Mr. Jody Michael Wolfanger

Amazing & Supportive Wife
Mrs. Christine Curtiss Wolfanger

Wonderful Son
Indiana Pio Wolfanger

Marketing Support
"Tornado", "Sunshine", & "Star" our Cats





Where Roasting To Perfection Begins

Where Roasting To Perfection Begins

Evening Star Coffee Roasters is surrounded by beautiful farm land used for growing soy and corn each year.  The view is stunning especially with deer, squirrels, birds, rabbits, and fox visiting the area daily.

Evening Star Coffee Roasters is one of the most modern, clean and organized business designs in all of New York State.  The design focuses on lean manufacturing practices with a goal of utilizing the building space to its fullest capacity.  Evening Star Coffee Roasters is designed to support many years of growth.  

We take pride in the beauty and cleanliness of our business.  

Local Publications

Local Publications

News Feature Articles

1.  585 Magazine May*June 2013 Issue.  "Evening Star Coffee Roasters- Taking his industry into the future. http://www.585mag.com/May-2013/A-roaster-and-a-tinkerer/

2.  The Livingston County News 09/15/11.  "Evening Star Rising" http://thelcn.com/2011/09/evening-star-rising/

3.  Coffee Talk. September 2011 Issue  "For Evening Star Coffee Roasters, Coffee Is Perking"  http://www.ctdailydose.com/   Democrat and Chronicle 9/20/11 Issue http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20110920/BUSINESS/109200303/For-Evening-Star-Coffee-Roasters-business-perking-?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CBusiness

4.  Roast Magazine (National Publication).  2011 Issue-September/October "Thinking out of the box when it comes to roasting technologies".  Article p.50-61 written by Jody Michael Wolfanger for the editor and publisher of the magazine.

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6.  Rochester Business Journal 4/15/11"Small Business- Evening Star Coffee Roasters."   

7.  The Livingston County News 3/31/11 "Rainy day Cafe' has a sunny opening.  Cafe featuring Evening Star Coffee Roasters exclusive regional blends

8.  Roast Magazine (National Trade Publication) 2011 Issue- March/April  "10 things I wish I had known when I started roasting."

9.  The Democrat And Chronicle News 01/18/10
"Evening Star donations helps seriously ill kids"

10.  The Livingston County News 10/22/09
"Avon entrepreneur has a serious coffee habit"

11.  The Democrat And Chronicle News 11/22/09
"Coffee Shop taking orders"

12.  The Democrat And Chronicle News 07/09/10
"Coffee for Crime Stoppers"  Print publication recognizing a new charity roast of coffee.

13.  NYS Senator, Joseph Robach website 7/12/10 (Launch of charity coffee- "Good Samaritan" Roast for Rochester Area Crime Stoppers.)

14.  The Brighton Pittsford Post- "A little coffee goes a long way for Rochester Area Crime Stoppers."Print publication and website article.  7/2010

15.  Rochester Business Journal- "Monks make bread online.:  Print publication and website article.  12/13/10  http://www.rbj.net/section.asp?PageID=859


Our Delivery & Presentation Vehicles

Our Delivery & Presentation Vehicles

Our efforts focus on Environmentally Friendly activities. We feel it’s important to do more than talk about caring for the environment. Therefore, we demonstrate our concern through our activities in the community. In an effort to conserve natural resources we drive a Nissan NV Cargo Van with a 6 cylinder engine.   We call the Nissan "Indy" after our son Indy.  He calls the van a "Mighty Machine" that goes broom...broom.

As we are in your community delivering coffee, we invite you to talk with us about coffee. 

Traveling Mug

Traveling Mug

Our newest addition for creative advertising.  The mug stands over 8ft tall with a diameter of 12ft at the top of the mug.   This mug will be our advertising both on and off the road.


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