Evening Star Coffee Roasters

Updates & Notices

Every online order-  Every online order will receive a free bag of coffee selected by the roastmaster as a thank you.  This offer will continue for 2020.

Looking for a fundraiser–  Our coffee fundraiser earns the selling group $4.75 per 12oz. bag of coffee sold.  We have no minimum orders so if you sell 300 bags great.  If you only sell 20, that is fine too.

Easter: ESCR will be closed 4/2 Thursday- 4/12 in observance of the Easter Holiday.  No orders will be processed during this timeframe.  Order processing resumes on 4/13.  

ESCR New account approach:  For the past nine years all new business for ESCR is strictly referrals, or businesses reaching out for a substantially better service and coffee. That’s the way it should be!  We don’t have pushy salespeople who are aggressive, nasty and lack professionalism when you decide a change is necessary.  We are always professional and kind.  In addition, we use a  “West Coast Roasting Method” not used on the East Coast which is a true winner.  Our recipes are truly unique and often sought out by competitors in an effort to replicate.  The difference is easily noticeable as you examine our beans vs. the competitors dried out and stale coffees they often claim to be “Fresh Roasted Locally.” When you want something better give us a ring and let’s change the world one cup at a time!! 

Business Statement

Evening Star Coffee Roasters is committed to providing the freshest, most exceptional Arabica coffee beans from the world’s finest coffee-producing countries. We pride ourselves on hand selecting these green coffee beans as thousands are available at a variety of quality levels. In our coffee offerings, we carry coffees that are hand selected from individual farms. Our selection process has a positive impact on the environment, people, and wildlife in the countries in which they have been harvested.

Our coffees are roasted in the town of Avon which is located in the Finger Lakes Region. We use a unique style of roasting to fully enhance the distinctive qualities of each specialty coffee bean. Our roasting profiles combined with our small batch, hands on roasting techniques guarantees an even roast every time. The result is the coffee beans unique flavor and aroma characteristics are successfully brought out of the bean and into your cup.

Charity Coffees
We are an advocate of charities in the communities we serve. We are proud to support the life changing work of these wonderful charities. These organizations make a difference in the lives of people in the community. Our hope is that our example will inspire others to make a difference in their communities, thus having a positive impact on the world.  Please support:  Theresa House Hospice, The Blessed Sacrament- Supper Program and Ravens Food Pantry (Livonia, Ny.)

Evening Star Coffee Roasters strongly supports environmentally friendly activities in our local communities. We feel it is our global responsibility to demonstrate green-friendly thinking in every aspect of our business. This is demonstrated in our packaging, facility design, and vehicles used for deliveries. Our goal is to create awareness and promote responsible actions on the part of everyone that lives on this wonderful planet.

We make it our commitment to change the world, one cup at a time!

The Team