Donna F (Horseheads, NY) – “I am one of many who discovered your coffee while living/visiting at Highland Hospital. My dad was there about 6 weeks until moving onto a rehab place. Thanks to be God!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved my coffee break at the cafe. It truly was a break from the hospital stress. I am looking for a place to buy your coffee when I visit my parents.”
Kathy Jo Searfoss (Beaver Dams, NY) – “I just wanted to tell you how I discovered your EXQUISITE coffee’s. I was at Highland hospital in Rochester, as my mother was having CANCER surgery. I lived in that little coffee shop. The ladies there were so kind and caring. I fell in love with several of your coffee’s. I had to have it everyday if not twice a day. The taste is impeccable. I had bought a bag of rainforest crunch there at the hospital. I shared it with my friends and co-workers after returning home. They all want to buy some too. Thank you for many flavors and great tasting coffee’s. I am a fan and a new customer. I love the charity’s also. I love helping animals and I am sure I will be getting that coffee soon. Thank you once again. I can not wait to get my new order. May God Bless You and Yours.”
Mary S. (Rochester, NY) – “When I was at Highland Hospital I learned that the coffee being served is Evening Star Coffee Roasters blends. It’s been a long while since I visited Highland Hospital and I must add the coffee was much better than I remember from years ago when they served “….?…” coffees. Keep up the great work. Your coffee is amazing. “
Becky Feuss (Columbus, OH) – “THANK YOU for the super fast shipping. LOVE the Jamacia Me Happy coffee …. have not found one to compare to yours. We found yours in a small cafe in upstate NY last summer and I’m hooked. We have great coffee roasters here in Columbus…but hey must be for all the other people that live here! BaaHaa Having work major remodeling done on my home right now and the contractor says he can smell the coffee brewing from outside! Keep up the good work.”
Sara M. (Rochester, NY) – “Fresh, local, and delicious! A professional outfit with a superior product. I love that Evening Star Coffee Roasters offers lots of flavors in both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated”
Sandy (Avon, NY) – “Love your new website picture. Very inviting. Your coffee is amazing. I have tried so many different kinds of coffee and have never really been satisfied, until I tried ESCR coffee. Now I can really enjoy my cup of coffee any time of day or night…………….You are outstanding in the coffee roasting business…”
Mary Snyder (Livonia, NY) – “Glad to hear your the premier roaster of coffee at the “Genesee of The Abbey”. I bought a variety at the gift store and it is amazing. Now I can get Monks Bread and your coffee at the Abbey.
Dan & Elizabeth Murray (Scottsville, NY) – “”Anyone passionate about coffee has to try these beans! You will taste the care that goes into each roast. You will be blown away by the quality of the product. Jody graciously gave us a tour of his facility and it is an immaculately clean operation. After meeting Jody, seeing his facility and the beans he imports, it is obvious why our morning coffee has dramatically improved.”
Kate Kingsley (Teresa House) (Geneseo, NY) – “We are thrilled and so excited to be a part of this new and very professional, outstanding coffee business located in the beautiful Genesee Valley region – Avon, N.Y.” Jody and Christine Wolfanger are donating coffee and a cash portion of product sold by their company to the Teresa House,. a comfort care home in Geneseo, N.Y. We have become fast friends and look forward to a long, caring relationship with “Evening Star Coffee Roasters – Jody and Christine Wolfanger and family. “
Leslie (Avon, NY) – “A business the community is proud of! Thanks for your wonderful focus on charity in a variety of communities surrounding Avon. You are both wonderful people. I hope your kindness will inspire others in the community to open their hearts with kindness toward others. You have inspired my family!”
Jill (Victor- Rochester Area, NY) – “Over the years I have been drinking store bought coffee until I sampled Evening Star Coffee Roasters coffee. I am a fan of Jamaican Me Happy and the Love of Italy roast. I am now unable to drink the coffee at my employer because it is SOOOO bitter. Evening Star Coffee Roasters coffee is fresh and crisp. The taste is superb! “
Richard D. (Pittsford, NY) – “We have only recently begun to test out coffees from smaller, specialized coffee roasters. ESC is delicious and my wife and I enjoy the subtle overtones of favor that you don’t find in more expensive, mass market brands. We also like that a portion of profits go to charities.”
Deb (Spencerport, NY) – “This is the only flavored coffee I have had that actually TASTES like the flavor it should be. Definitely a superior coffee! “
Cathy (Avon, NY) – “Enjoying the aroma of Cinnamon rolls is even more appealing when you know the rolls will be ready in minutes. You’ll want to sit down and enjoy them with a cup of full flavor Evening Star Coffee Roasters Coffee. Oh…………Jamaican Me Happy would be a good choice!!!!!”
George (Bud) (Avon, NY) – “Rich aroma, great taste”
Esta (Rochester, NY) – “Your coffee was one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. Each flavor is as great as the next. I can’t say I like one better than the other. They all smell and taste heavenly. Look out Starbucks. “